China: Fintech Innovation?

Digital payments have replaced cash in China to an extent seen nowhere else in the world. But as the country explores the applications of blockchain, digital credit ratings, and a wholly digital currency, fintech innovation is likely just getting started.

Cleantech: Hydrogen

As China’s anti-carbon effort gears up, a new technology is getting attention: hydrogen fuel cells. Proponents say they’re cleaner than electric vehicles and could soon be cheaper to run than gas. But are long-anticipated breakthroughs finally ready for prime time?

Community Group Buying

The biggest retail story of the last year is community group buying and related models. A hybrid of milkman and tupperware party, these emerging models are using low prices and embedded local representatives to bring O2O to China’s vast “sinking market.”

AV: What’s Next as The Industry Develops

Mobility unicorns are unlocking the potential of autonomous vehicles with the expansion of robotaxi fleets, while investing more in efforts to build true self-driving cars. How far have self-driving cars come in China over the past year, and what are the opportunities and challenges looking ahead?

Investment Trends in SaaS and Enterprise

Ask investors what they’re thinking about in China and it won’t take long for you to hear about enterprise. As a new generation of startups are seeking to transform how China works, VCs see a successor to the consumer-oriented apps of the 2010s.

Note: Topics are subjected to change with availability.

What is EMERGE?


EMERGE is TechNode’s annual flagship tech conference. After two years in Shanghai, it’s coming to Beijing in 2021. Like the name says, EMERGE is about emerging trends that are shaping tech. It’s meant to be forward-looking, not retrospective, and to speak at a high level about deep themes.

Through deep and meaningful conversations with experts and experienced professionals, EMERGE delivers unbiased and clear-eyed information, insight, and analysis.

Don't miss your chance to speak with the top minds uncovering China tech. This year’s EMERGE is going to be held in conjunction with the OTEC events on August 13, 2021, at the Chaoyang Museum of Urban Planning, Beijing.


seeks to bring together professionals and entrepreneurs that encounter tech on a daily basis

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A snapshot of the Chinese tech industry that offers objective and in-depth analysis

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13:00 Opening



Fireside Chat
OTEC-Emerge Tech Awards Ceremony
Panel 1: Smart Mobility
OTEC-Emerge Tech Awards Ceremony
Panel 2: Fintech
OTEC-Emerge Tech Awards Ceremony


16:00 Panel 3: E-commerce/ New Retail
OTEC-Emerge Tech Awards Ceremony – Best of Awards
17:30 Chambers Roundtable (Invite only)

OTEC-Emerge Tech Awards

The OTEC-EMERGE Technology Awards is open for both public- and self-nominations. We invite everyone to nominate outstanding startups that meet the following criteria:

  • The founding team must include at least one overseas returnee (need proof of working/studying abroad) or foreigner (passport).
  • The nominee must be based or operate within China.
  • The nominee should have a commercialized product.
  • The nominee should be an early-stage startup or growth-stage startup.
Award Categories
(Three winners per category)
  • Fintech
  • Smart Mobility
  • Ecommerce/New Retail
Best of Awards
(One winner per category)
  • Rising Star Award
  • Best Investment Value Award
  • Best Tech Innovation Award

All winners will receive opportunities to meet with investment institutions, enroll in a founders’ training workshop, Phoenix Plan, and an onboarding program in Chaoyang, Beijing. The award winners will also be invited to attend the BEYOND International Technology Expo in Macau from August 26 to 28, 2021 with a standard booth at the expo and two full professional passes. 

These awards will be judged by a select group of editors and reporters of foreign media in China, international VCs, and corporate executives who are experts in their respective fields. If you would like to participate, please fill in the OTEC-Emerge Tech Awards 2021 form by July 31, 2021. 

Nominate a company

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“Science and technology is the foundation for prosperity of a country, while innovation is the spirit for progress of a nation.”

In making full use of the Chaoyang District Government’s guiding role and properly allocating the market resources, the Overseas Talent Entrepreneurship Conference (OTEC) is a “one-step” innovation service platform for overseas talents and Chinese returnees. By organizing the annual Global Entrepreneurship Competition, Innovation Summit, International Startups Meet-Up, along with facilitating industrial policies, services, and space, OTEC aims to develop an international ecology of innovative startups and corporates for talents working in the Chaoyang District, Beijing.

Since 2013, OTEC has been successfully held for eight years in a row, having attracted more than 356,000 entrepreneurs, 6010 projects, and more than 100 venture capital institution leaders from 39 countries and regions. A total of 519 projects have been invested, of which 311 projects have been implemented in Chaoyang, Beijing, through OTEC. The total financing scale exceeds RMB 2.7 billion.

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